Former “Produce 101” trainee Kim Hong Eun wins Miss Korea’s Entertainment award, “To me, it’s like a special gift”

“Produce 101” No. 80 Kim Hong Eun participated in the Seoul preliminary round for 2023 Miss Korea and won a meaningful award.

On May 22nd, Kim Hong Eun told OSEN, “I couldn’t make it to the Top 3 of the 2023 Miss Seoul, but I was still happy to receive the Entertainment award and gained recognition for my short acting performance. This seems to have become a special gift to me”, expressing her feelings.

Kim Hong Eun participated in the Seoul preliminary round for the 2023 Miss Korea held at the 100th-anniversary hall of Dongduk Women’s University in Seoul on the 20th and won the Entertainment award.


Kim Hong Eun joined the ‘2023 Miss Korea’ Seoul preliminary round with her older sister Kim Ji Sung. Listed as participant No.18, Kim Hong Eun introduced her charms, saying “I have million-dollar lips and captivating eyes”.

Although Kim Hong Eun failed to enter the Top 3, she proved her star potential by winning the Entertainment award.

Kim Hong Eun shared with OSEN, saying “It was such a fun and great experience that I got to discover my competitive spirit and charms that I didn’t know I had while preparing for this competition. I want to compliment myself for being so cool and working hard for the goal of becoming Miss Korea that I had set.”


She continued, “It was great to see how I and my sister relied on and genuinely supported each other while preparing for this competition together. The happy energy we shared seemed to bring about good results for both of us. As my sister will participate in the upcoming 2023 Miss Korea finals, I will support and assist her wholeheartedly. I also want to grow more and greet you again with a better appearance.”

Kim Hong Eun appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101”, which aired in 2016. At that time, she got eliminated after ranking No. 80 and missed the opportunity to debut as a member of I.O.I. Later, she turned to acting and is still doing entertainment activities.

Source: Daum

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