An actor is being attacked for posting skinship video with Cosmic Girls’ Bona

Actor Woo Do Hwan’s behind-the-scenes video from “Joseon Attorney”, which was posted on social media, is being criticized by some netizens.

On May 20th, Woo Do Hwan posted several behind-the-scenes photos and videos from MBC drama “Joseon Attorney”, along with the caption, “It’s a comeback work after 3 years, so I was full of fear and worry, but the wonderful actors, directors, and the hardworking staff of ‘Joseon Attorney’ gave me the most strength. I want to sincerely thank viewers who gave a lot of love to the lacking me.”


The unpublished video revealed by Woo Do Hwan featured a scene where Kang Han Soo (played by Woo Do Hwan) hugs Lee Yeon Joo (played by Cosmic Girls’ Bona, real name Kim Ji Yeon), who has changed her name, from behind. However, some fans of Bona left malicious comments on the video posted by Woo Do Hwan, saying “I feel bad” and “Please take down the video”, and claiming that the skinship level is too high.


Upon seeing the malicious comments posted on Woo Do Hwan’s social media, netizens criticized the commenters, saying “Why can’t he post such things, they’re too picky”, “What does being an idol have to do with it, she filmed the work as an actress”, “I understand not liking it, but there are a lot of these comments”, “If it was an actor I like, I would feel bad”, “If there was a problem, it would have been taken down already, only the male lead is pitiful”, and “I don’t understand why they are making a fuss saying the level of skinship is too high.”

Meanwhile, the MBC drama “Joseon Attorney”, starring Woo Do Hwan and Bona, is a drama about Kang Han Soo, an attorney at a Joseon era institution that dealt with lawsuits and litigation, who helps the wronged people of the Joseon era. He later crosses paths with Princess Lee Yeon Joo (Bona), who is living a free life after leaving the palace. 


The drama concluded with its 16th episode, which aired on May 20th.

On the other hand, Woo Do Hwan will be making an immediate comeback on June 9th with the Netflix original drama “Bloodhounds”. “Bloodhounds” tells the story of two young boxers joining forces with a man who was once a legend in the loan shark business, to stand against a vicious loan shark that preys on desperate people for money.

As the lead actor, Woo Do Hwan assumes the role of Kim Gun Woo, who went from a promising boxer to jump into the loan shark business to pay off his mother’s debt. Meanwhile, actor Lee Sang Yi plays the role of Hong Woo Jin, a competitive boxer and friend of Kim Gun Woo.

Source: Wikitree

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