Ahead of his comeback, Kai shared, “I will show you my sweet, friendly and cute side through my new song Peaches”

EXO Kai, who is going to make a comeback as a solo singer, shows his sweet charm.

Kai attended an online press conference to celebrate the release of his 2nd mini-album “Peaches” at 2 P.M on November 30th. “Peaches”, the title with the same name as the album, is a medium tempo R&B genre song that has an addictive melody with heavy 808 bass mixed. The lyrics describe the romantic moment spent with a lover who is like a sweet peach and the desire to be together forever in a space only for the two that is like paradise.

During the press conference, Kai introduced, “I tried to show everything I could, including the song, the dance and its concept. I could imagine the song while listening to ‘Peaches’ so I selected it as the title song. I wanted to let everyone hear it since it suits my style so well.”

Kai comeback Peaches

Especially, he said, “I have shown many performances with the heavy concept through EXO songs and my previous solo title “Mmmh” so I tried to show you a sweet, friendly and lovely side through the title song “Peaches” in this comeback”. Kai emphasized, “I will express my sweet and happy mood through the song”.

This comeback album contains a total of 6 songs, including “Peaches”, Vanilla”, “Domino”, “Come In”, “To Be Honest” and “Blue”. Kai’s new album will be released at 6 P.M today.

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