The rich background of Lee Hyo-ri’s husband is finally revealed

Lee Hyo-ri’s husband, singer Lee Sang-soon, turned out to be from a rich family background, surprising many people.

In “Foodie and Beardie”, which was released on Netflix on Dec 11th, Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri appeared as guests on the 1st episode. Noh Hong-chul, rain, Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon spent time enjoying the sunset while going on a ride around Jeju Island.

Lee Sang-soon background

In this episode, Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Sang-soon, Rain and Noh Hong-chul are seen talking together as they were going on a drive. Referring to Rain and Noh hong-chul’s visit to Busan, Lee Hyo-ri brought up the story about a famous restaurant in Busan. Lee Hyo-ri asked, “I heard you went to Sang-soon’s uncle’s house in Busan,” to which both Rain and Noh hong-chul exclaimed, “We were surprised. We didn’t even dare to dream that it was such a big company.”

Lee Sang-soon background

Lee Sang-soon then said, “It’s where my grandfather used to be. I and Lee Hyo-ri go and live there almost every summer.” The photo released at the time showed the sign of a famous beef rib restaurant located in Haeundae, Busan. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Busan, as well as a popular place among tourists who come to Haeundae.

Lee Sang-soon background

The restaurant even has a branch in Manhattan, New York and was selected as one of New York’s top 10 restaurants announced by the New York Times on Dec 14th. The business is reportedly being managed by Lee Sang-soon’s uncle.

After the news came out, netizens responded with, “That explains why he always seems so relaxed, he is a ‘beef rib spoon’,” “The more I know, Lee Sang-soon turned out to be a rich man,” “I don’t live in Busan, but I know that place. Isn’t it extremely famous?”. “Foodie and Beardie” is a full-course travel variety that shows the fun through various trips in which Rain and Noh Hong-chul travel around the country. the show can be watched on Netflix.


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