SEVENTEEN Jeonghan reveals his terrifying experience with two ghosts in his house

Jeonghan’s creepy story gives fans goosebumps.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan reveals his terrifying experience with two ghosts in his house

Jeong Han, Vernon, and Dino (SEVENTEEN) were recently guests on Bi Rain‘s variety show “Season B Season.” Because this special episode aired so close to Halloween, the cast was asked if they had any scary stories to share.

Jeonghan began the story at the time by saying, “I constantly feel something strange in my house.” The following information was shared by the male idol:

“One day, a friend dropped by my house and we were watching TV together. I was sipping a glass of whiskey. After finishing my drink, I placed the bottle on the table when my friend asked, “What? Did you ask me for some wine?” I didn’t understand anything but he kept saying “Obviously you just asked me”.  I told him I didn’t say anything but he didn’t believe me.

From then on, I started to feel weirder.  These days, I have a habit of writing quite a lot.  After I finish writing, I usually leave my pen and notebook on a white desk and then go out.  When I returned, the pen and notebook were still in place, but the desk underneath the notebook was covered in doodles.

I was alone at the time, but there was so much that I couldn’t erase it all.  After that, I contacted a spiritual acquaintance to clarify everything. He said: “I didn’t tell you because I thought you would be scared. Actually I dreamed of your house even though I have never seen it. I saw two girls standing by your bed and drinking.”

I think that’s why my friend heard the question “would you like a drink?”  before.  But I don’t think they will harm me.  They’ll probably leave soon.”

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