Fans speculate Son Ye Jin has been releasing hints of her marriage with Hyun Bin

People suddenly discovered that Son Ye Jin had posted these pictures a few months ago.

Recently, fans and netizens everywhere were excited by the news that Hyun Bin officially announced his marriage to Son Ye Jin. After nearly 2 years of dating and 1 year after confirming their relationship, the couple of “Crash Landing on You” is going to live under the same roof soon.

Looking through the photos posted by the actress, fans suddenly realized an interesting hint. Recently, Son Ye Jin has been practicing cooking. Is it to prepare for her future married life?

son ye jin instagram
From mandu, a very common dish in Korea
son ye jin instagram
To mushroom hot pot, which both tastes good and looks good
son ye jin instagram
Or something more complicated like sauced chicken wings 
son ye jin instagram
She made this big breakfast. Is it made for two people?!!

Although it is not certain that Son Ye Jin’s new cooking hobby is related to her upcoming marriage, everyone is thinking that it is a “sign” the actress has made many months ago.

hyun bin son ye jin

Regardless, just the news of the couple getting married can make fans happy enough!

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