Ahead of BLACKPINK’s comeback, YG caused controversy for mistreating Lisa

Once again, YG is accused of unfair treatment towards BLACKPINK Lisa 

On August 19, BLACKPINK will officially return to the music scene after two years with the song PINK VENOM. However, Lisa‘s fans are now expressing their anger towards YG Entertainment because they think the company is treating the girl from Thailand badly. Even a large number of fans also stated that they would not support BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Recently, Lisa’s fans pointed out that YG Entertainment made many mistakes when uploading the concept teaser video of BLACKPINK’s maknae. When posting about the product on Twitter, the company forgot to attach YouTube and Naver links, and also did not hashtag Lisa’s name. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that YG’s staff realized the mistake, deleted it, and retweeted it. Meanwhile, the old post has received more than 50,000 likes, 40,000 retweets and 97 thousand views.

On the YouTuber platform, YG Entertainment also showed its lack of professionalism when posting Lisa’s teaser video. Accordingly, the staff used the hashtag #BLACPINK instead of #BLACKPINK. YG also didn’t add Lisa’s teaser video to the playlist right away. This affects the views and searches of the female idol’s videos.

With how YG Entertainment treated Lisa, fans expressed their anger. LISABar – one of the biggest fanclubs of BLACKPINK’s maknae, has announced that they would not buy the album BORN PINK.

Although this is the group’s first group comeback in a long time, BLACKPINK still faces many difficulties. In particular, YG Entertainment’s alleged unfair treatment of Lisa makes fans even more angry, which is detrimental to the comeback if the conflict between the two sides is not resolved properly.

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