“Decibel” Park Byung-eun “Cha Eun-woo cried from the beginning… He will become a good actor”

Park Byung-eun gave words of blessing to his junior Cha Eun-woo, who will make his screen debut through “Decibel”.

Park Byung-eun gave words of support to Cha Eun-woo, who will make his screen debut, through a meeting after the press preview of the movie “Decibel” (directed by Hwang In-ho) held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Nov 7th.


Park Byung-eun raised expectations by saying, “It’s his first movie, but he was good at acting. How can he express emotions that well? I was surprised. Even though he had short hair in the movie, his face was so cool. He came out charming like a soldier, in a manly way.”

Cha Eun-woo also sang the OST that went up during the film’s ending credits. Park Byung-eun praised, “In the meantime, he sang the OST well. I glanced at him while watching the movie, and I saw Cha Eun-woo crying from the beginning. He seems to have a lot of emotions about this work. I felt that he could become a good actor in the future.”


Meanwhile, “Decibel”, which will be released on Nov 16th, is a sound terror action film revolves around a bomb designer who wants to occupy the city center with a special bomb that explodes when the noise increases and a former naval deputy commander who becomes his target.

Source: Daum

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