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K-netizens Investigate To Find Idol Who Abandoned 6 Puppies After Breaking Up With Ex-girlfriend 

Internet users are paying keen attention to the story of an idol’s ex-girlfriend whom he met on a blind date app. 

On September 29th, KBS joy ‘Ask Anything’ released the trailer for the broadcast that will air on October 2. In the broadcast, a female guest who took her dog to the care home said she was raising six puppies alone after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her.

In particular, about the storyteller’s boyfriend, she fell in love with his appearance on the blind date app. They met and dated for three years, and later he broke up with her. 

The storyteller hesitates when asked what her boyfriend’s job is and says, “He’s idol singer XX.” She then surprised everyone by saying that she not only spent millions of won to support him during his idol training period, but also sign a “secret love maintenance contract” with him.

After the trailer was released, attention was being paid to who the idol mentioned was. Netizens responded by saying, “Isn’t it an idol that’s not very famous?” “I think fans will know,” “If the dog is revealed, we will know who the idol is,” and “Is she really revealing his name on the show?” 

In addition, they are looking for idols with the contents mentioned. As it has become a hot topic even before the broadcast, many people are worried that some provocative content will cause harm to the idol’s image.

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