Lee Jong suk once went viral for his comment on SNSD Yoona, flustering the idol-actress

It has been 6 years since this moment, yet fans still fawn over how flustered Yoona looked, side by side with Lee Jong Suk in the 2016 MBC Drama Awards.

SNSD member Yoona and Lee Jong Suk are making headlines again after they flaunt an intense chemistry in the new-released K-drama “Big Mouth”. However, the couple has known each other since ages ago, and even once went viral together over a heart-fluttering interaction back in 2016.

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In particular, amid the hype of “Big Mouth”, netizens have been bringing up a moment at the 2016 MBC Drama Awards, where Yoona congratulated Lee Jong Suk on receiving a prize. However, the actor responded suddenly: “You’re beautiful”, catching Yoona off guard. The idol actress was extremely flustered at the time, and could only smile before letting Jong Suk deliver his speech. 

yoona lee jong suk
The sweet moment between the “Big Mouth” couple is suddenly becoming a hot topic again 

In fact, this memorable moment was recalled by Yoona herself in an interview with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, 1 month before “Big Mouth” hit the small screen. When asked about the event, Yoona said: “We were quite anxious because it’s an award ceremony, where we reunited after a long time. Therefore he just called me beautiful as a greeting, so it’s unexpected that so many people have been talking about it.”

yoona lee jong suk
Yoona explained that she and Lee Jong Suk were nervous as they finally met after a long time. Lee Jong Suk’s praise made her rather flustered. 
yoona lee jong suk
The couple have actually known each other for a decade. Therefore, Lee Jong Suk’s heart-fluttering comment made a lot of netizens ship the two. 
lee jong suk snsd yoona
Yoona and Lee Jong Suk play husband and wife in the newly-released drama “Big Mouth”, which has been receiving plenty of attention. The couple also boasts outstanding chemistry in this series. 
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