aespa’s Karina: A reliable and caring leader with the highest EQ

Looking cold and “fierce” on the outside, but aespa’s Karina has proven to be an intelligent, observant, delicate and warm-hearted leader.

In the early days of her debut, aespa’s Karina was involved in controversies over false rumors. Many netizens used to hold grudges against the aespa’s leader, labeling her with negative words. Karina’s cold and somewhat “intimidating” image caused her to become the aespa member with the most anti-fans.

However, over time, Karina has won the hearts of Kpop fans. Different from her cold appearance, Karina has a warm and loving personality, and that’s what fans adore the most about her. 

Getting shy easily 

An unexpected trait of Karina’s personality is that she is easily… shy. On the outside, Karina gives the impression of someone who is tough and fearless, but her actions and expressions in real life show that Karina tends to feel awkward. Although idols are trained to “act” in front of the camera, Karina is often shy. There are even moments when she lacks confidence when being filmed.

aespa karina
After shooting a video, Karina burst out laughing out of embarrassment
aespa karina
The female idol looks shy on a talk show 
aespa karina
She covered her face after doing aegyo
During a live broadcast in May, Karina was asked to sing a song she loved. After singing, the female idol was so embarrassed, she kept covering her face with a piece of paper and could not look directly into the camera

Warm and caring 

Karina once admitted that the strength that she feels most confident about in herself is being caring towards those around her. Karina does a good job being the leader of aespa. She is a reliable and considerate leader, someone who has the ability to balance the mood in the group and takes good care of other members. 

Opening up about her role in the group, Karina said she often had to settle the opinions of the members. When the members disagree on something, she is the one who calms them down, sometimes she comes up with jokes to relieve the tension.

On a program in August 2021, when asked “which member is the most surprising”, NingNing answered Karina: “She looks cold, but she is really kind and a great leader”.

aespa karina
The members agree that Karina is good at taking care of those around her
aespa karina
Karina’s soft and considerate gestures towards her fellow members 
aespa karina
Karina is a reliable and supportive leader to her members 
During aespa’s debut stage with Black Mamba, Karina was nervous. Even so, she still expressed her concern to other members, such as smiling at Giselle to encourage her. 
aespa karina
aespa karina
Always holding hands with other members
Karina always listens attentively to her members in the sweetest way

Having a high EQ

Another personality trait of Karina that is highly appreciated by netizens is her high EQ. The female idol is sensitive. She understands the emotions of those around her well, and knows how to regulate her own expressions and gestures. Many times Karina “saved” the members in awkward situations. In particular, Karina is especially attentive to the feelings of the group’s foreign members (NingNing, Giselle). This not only proves how caring Karina is, but also reassures international fans about aespa’s bond.

In interviews, Karina is also calm and careful to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Although she is the most “pushed” aespa member by SM, Karina never acts arrogant, or shows a “bossy” attitude towards other members. Moreover, the female idol is respectful of others and always conscious of keeping her idol image, so it is difficult to spot any controversial actions or expressions from Karina.

aespa karina ningning
During Christmas last year, NingNing lost the game and had to receive an “ugly” sweater from Winter. After noticing the maknae’s sad expression, Karina told her “This is the sweater that Giselle picked out, don’t you like it” to avoid the awkwardness between NingNing and Winter.
aespa karina
When she realized Giselle was not seen in the frame 
aespa karina giselle
Karina stepped down to interact with Giselle
Karina quickly noticed that Giselle had trouble with pronunciation, and immediately helped her
aespa karina ningning
During a game, NingNing accidentally said an inappropriate word, Karina softly smiled and said: “You got too excited, speak slowly.”
aespa karina winter
On a radio show last year, Winter expressed her wish to go to the show Begin Again alone abroad. Her answer surprised the members and then Karina had to “save” the situation. 
aespa karina
Karina is always aware of every expression and action in front of the camera

In short, Karina is the perfect aespa member to take on the leader position thanks to her excellent leadership, high emotional intelligence, good observation skills, kindness and generosity. 

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