Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee spotted together in France on Valentine’s Day

“8-year affair couple” Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo were caught side by side on Valentine’s Day.

Actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo attended “Hong Sang Soo retrospective exhibition” held at the Cinematheque National Film Fenter in France on February 14th (KST). 

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee

The two appeared in black couple looks and took the stage to deliver a short greeting before the screening of the opening film “The Novelist’s Film” at the retrospective exhibition.

Director Hong said in English, “I’ve made many movies, but I don’t look back on them or try to understand what kinds of movies I made. That’s why I’m not very sure about this kind of retrospective exhibition”, adding “Anyways, I hope I can continue making movies for a long time.”

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee

Actress Kim Min Hee also expressed her feelings in Korea, saying “I’ve just arrived here and I’m still tired due to the time difference. However, I’m happy and thankful to meet you all like this”, adding “I hope you will remember the movie you’re watching today in your hearts. Have a warm night.”

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee then left without watching the movie shown at the exhibition. Throughout the stage greeting, they did not have any physical contact or personal conversation.

However, the two were later seen walking side by side on the way to their accommodation, proving that there was no problem with their romantic relationship.

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee
hong sang soo kim min hee

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee developed into lovers despite their huge age gap of 22 years after working together in the movie “Right Now, Wrong Then” released in 2016. Hong Sang Soo is still married even after revealing his romance with Kim Min Hee.

Source: wikitree

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