Jisoo and the stars in dormitory room 207 of “Snowdrop” go on a date at the movie theater

After the drama Snowdrop ended, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo still maintained a close friendship with the cast.

On April 4th, fans caught BLACKPINK’s Jisoo appearing at a movie theater in Seoul. It is known that she had the opportunity to reunite with the friend group of 207 room in the drama Snowdrop including actors Choi Hee Jin, Jung Shin Hye and Jung Yi Seo to support the new work of female star Kim Hye Yoon. This shows that not only on the screen, but also in real life, the girls’ friendship is very close.

Just through a quick photo, people had the opportunity to admire the beautiful, natural beauty of Jisoo in real life. Not wearing the splendid appearance when going to events or on stage, Jisoo in real life dresses very simply with only simple makeup and hair. Although more than half of her face is covered by a mask, her “Miss Korea” visual still stands out among the Snowdrop casts.

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