What happened?… BIG BANG Taeyang confused fans with his sudden move on SNS 

Taeyang, a member of group BIG BANG, caused confusion among fans.

It was confirmed on October 27th that Taeyang had deleted all of his Instagram posts. In addition, his account following is currently 0 and his profile picture has been changed to a black background.


This sudden situation drew even more attention from fans and netizens since Taeyang had been communicating with fans by sharing his daily life moments on Instagram. The male singer has not made any comment on his unexpected move.


In response to the issue, some netizens raised suspicions that Taeyang might be hinting at a comeback. Earlier, Taeyang’s group BIG BANG released the new song “Still Life” after their four-year hiatus in May. Taeyang has not had any solo activities since the release of his single album “LOUDER” in January 2018.

The public is getting more and more curious about the reason Taeyang suddenly deleted all of his SNS posts and closed his communication window.

BigBang taeyang

Meanwhile, Taeyang married actress Min Hyo-rin in 2018 and has a son. The couple welcomed their son in December last year.

Source: wikitree

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