This actor has been a hot topic for his IQ 156, Mensa membership and good looks, who is he?

In 2018, Ji Il-joo appeared in “Problematic Men” and exploded the charm of a smart guy. 

Actor Ji Il-joo announced his screen comeback with the movie “Gangnam Zombie.” “Gangnam Zombie” is a zombie action film about the struggles of those who risk their lives to survive in Gangnam, which has become the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appear. Ji Il-joo will play as Hyun-suk, who will confront the sudden zombie attack by any means.

ji il joo

Ji Il-joo, who debuted in the KBS drama “Sister’s Inlove” in 2008, has played various roles in various works and has expanded his acting spectrum.

ji il joo

He has been showing steady work activities by going back and forth between screens and TV screens, including the movies “The Most Ordinary Love,” “Your Girlfriend,” and the drama “Hello, My Twenties.”

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In particular, he drew public attention with his in-depth acting skills through the 2021 film “Dragon Inn Part 1 : The City of Sadness.”

Meanwhile, Ji Il-joo appeared as a guest on tvN’s entertainment program “Problematic Men” in March 2018, showing off his “brainy sexy man” side.

ji il joo

On this day, Ji Il-joo surprised everyone as he was introduced as a member of Mensa with an IQ of 156.

He also drew attention by saying that he was awarded at a math competition when he was a student, and that he received a master’s degree in acting musical from Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Arts.

ji il joo

In particular, Ji Il-joo confessed that he often holds drinking meetings with Park Kyung, another member of Mensa, and Park Kyung shared that he learned a lot from Ji Il-joo.

In fact, Ji Il-joo has revealed countless knowledge to the members of “Problematic Men.” He also mentioned philosophy such as Cartesian and knowledge related to art.

ji il joo

He said he liked Impressionist painter Munch’s “Kiss,” exploding the charm of a true “brainy sexy man” in many ways, including philosophy and art.

At that time, Ji Il-joo confessed that he was about to make his debut as an independent film director by challenging three roles of scriptwriter, actor, and director at the same time.

ji il joo

In fact, he made his debut as a director through the 2018 film “The First Issue” and “Oman” in 2019 and proved his directing ability.

Meanwhile, the movie “Gangnam Zombie,” starring Ji Il-joo, will be released on November 30th.

Source: Daum

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