The popularity of actor Heo Sung Tae, who appeared as a gangster in “Squid Game”, is soaring because of his cute daily life photos

As the Korean Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” continues to be a box office hit all over the world, the public’s interest in the actors is also increasing.

Heo Sung Tae

In particular, one of the best points about the drama is it made the viewers sympathize with each character. Therefore, each episode of “Squid Game” is considered a gem.

On September 30 (local time), a post was uploaded on an online media site revealing pictures showing ‘reversed daily life moments’ of a Korean actor, who aroused viewers’ anger with his gangster role in “Squid Game”.

The main focus of this media site is the character ‘Deok Soo’ in “Squid Game”, who does not hesitate to kill others ruthlessly for his own benefit.

In fact, Deok Soo is the character that abandoned Mi Nyeo (Kim Joo Ryeong), the woman who helped him survive. Therefore, the viewers called him “human garbage”.

While being a gangster before joining the squid game, Deok Soo brutally murdered a colleague who betrayed him, proving his evilness and foretelling his low chance of surviving.

Heo Sung Tae
Heo Sung Tae

After participating in the game, he continued to take advantage of his power to rule the weak and did all kinds of bad things.

As “Squid Game” started to become popular, actor Heo Sung Tae has also been recognized by more people for acting the role that is hated by not only all Korean but also people all around the world.

However, after encountering his daily life photos on Instagram, overseas fans were shocked because his real personality is entirely opposite to Deok Soo’s. .

This is because the real Heo Sung Tae after escaping from the role of Deok Soo and returning to his daily life is a person who loves cats so much and owns a friendly charm that makes people around him feel comfortable.

In an Instagram photo uploaded by Heo Sung Tae himself, he drew attention by putting on a face mask and leaning his head lightly on the back of a cat. He also pouted his lips, pretending to be cute.

In another photo, Heo Sung Tae was taking a selfie with his fellow actor Park Hae Soo, who also appeared in “Squid Game”, and got everyone surprised as he was confidently boasting a cute pose.

Moreover, Heo Sung Tae also often shows off his mischievous side, such as taking a check-in picture with teddy bears in front of a pink car or sticking a heart pin on his hair while wearing a yellow headband.

In response, fans have reacted explosively to how he turns into a completely different person from the gangster Deok Soo in real life and even gave him some nicknames, such as “the second Ma Dong Seok” or “Heo-beuly (lovely Heo Sung Tae)”.

Heo Sung Tae
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