Taiwanese TV personality lied about getting 20 tickets to BLACKPINK’s sold out concert?

A famous Taiwanese TV personality has become embroiled in controversy after claiming to have secured 20 tickets to a BLACKPINK concert.

On March 19th, Taiwanese broadcaster Wu Zhongxian (also known as Jacky Wu) revealed a story about getting tickets for a BLACKPINK concert during an official event in Taiwan. According to the broadcaster, he had obtained 20 tickets for his daughter three days before the concert, stating, “I thought of a way and spent all my own money. My daughter felt for the first time that her dad was great.”


This remark caught the attention of Taiwanese BLACKPINK fans. The reason is that the tickets for BLACKPINK’s Kaohsiung concert in Taiwan, held last weekend, were difficult to obtain, as 90,000 tickets were sold out in an instant upon opening reservations.

The price of BLACKPINK’s Kaohsiung concert tickets skyrocketed on the black market, with tickets originally priced at around 370,000 KRW (South Korean won) being sold at 1.5 million KRW. In this situation, Wu Zhongxian’s comment came out, and questions were raised about the possibility of obtaining 20 tickets three days before the concert.


In response, Wu Zhongxian’s daughter stepped forward to clarify the situation. She posted on her social media account that she had never seen 20 BLACKPINK concert tickets, adding, “I’m sorry, Dad. Even if Dad interferes, I will only tell the truth.”

On the other hand, BLACKPINK successfully completed their two-day concert in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the 18th and 19th.

Source: TV Report

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