Shin Hyun Bin receives criticism while Park Ji Hyun got praised, reaction towards the women in “Reborn Rich”

Actresses of JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich” are receiving mixed reviews. While Shin Hyun Bin is criticized for her romance narrative with Song Joong Ki, Park Ji Hyun is praised for her ambitious character.

Currently, “Reborn Rich” is on a winning spree. It surpassed the rating of 20%, surpassing the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which was called the best hit of the year. “Reborn Rich” has also ranked first for three consecutive weeks.

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Aside from the male lead Song Joong Ki‘s acting and the thrilling story development, the passionate performances of prominent actors such as Lee Sung Min and Kim Shin Rok are adding spices to the drama.

Actress Park Ji Hyun also boasts a strong presence despite her short appearance. In previous episodes, Park Ji Hyun made her first appearance in a leopard print outfit, and suggested Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee) to overturn the political marriage. She drew a strange chemistry with other characters with her quick wit which can realize what Jin Do Joon was thinking just by looking.

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Viewers are giving positive reviews for Park Ji Hyun’s passionate portrayal of an ambitious character who actively goes for her goal with her persuasive power. As a result, even Park Ji Hyun’s previous works are receiving attention as well.

On the other hand, the female protagonist Shin Hyun Bin (playing Seo Min Young) has a weaker presence than the supporting actress Park Ji Hyun. The biggest problem is her love line with Song Joong Ki. The scene when Song Joong Ki refused to marry Park Ji Hyun and ran to the cafe where Shin Hyun Bin worked, and their sudden kiss scene are said to be awkward and out of the blue. In particular, the sweet OST, which resonates every time they appear in the same frame, is so different that many wonder whether they are watching the same drama.

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As a result, the charm of “The Grim Reaper of Sun Yang” Seo Min Young itself seems to be diminished by the unreasonable romantic scenes. In the second act, where she is supposed to join hands with Jin Do Joon, such negative reviews are becoming toxic to the drama.

With five episodes left until the end of “Reborn Rich,” fans are drawn to what Shin Hyun Bin and Park Ji Hyun will show in the remaining episodes.

Source: Tenasia

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