Kpop encore stages – where the “drama” begins

The encore stage at music shows is where many idols gather in the same promotion period. There are all sorts of interactions that arise between them that create endless drama stories!

Before the epidemic, the encore stage ended a weekly music show where a series of artists with the same promotions gathered. Therefore, the interactions between artists from different groups are always noticed by fans. But from here, just a small act of idols is enough for fans to “torn” each other. With fans scrutinizing every look and expression, encore stages are always considered to be the places with the most drama, even though the showtime is only a few minutes per issue.

Nancy (MOMOLAND) and her burning gaze with BLACKPINK

During an Inkigayo broadcast in 2018, Nancy was entangled in a big controversy when allegedly glaring at BLACKPINK at the end of the stage. At that time, BLACKPINK had won the cup and was giving a speech when Nancy’s glare at BLACKPINK was revealed and netizens vehemently criticized it. Center MOMOLAND’s supposedly disrespectful attitude is one of the group’s major scandals.


Numerous assumptions have been made by netizens to prove that Nancy is having a disrespectful attitude towards BLACKPINK. Many people think that Nancy is jealous because BLACKPINK won the trophy, not MOMOLAND. Fans, on the other hand, defended Nancy, saying that Nancy was just sleepy, and her expression also looked cold, not intentional.

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RM (BTS) used to be said to be ungainly when VIXX gave a victory speech

In addition to the controversy about his statement or his song, RM also had a very poor charm phase. Specifically, at the October 2014 issue of Inkigayo, VIXX won with the song “Error”. However, the main character in the encore stage was not VIXX, RM was the one who gets the attention.

RM rolled his eyes, stuck out his tongue, and performed weird movements for 15 seconds, almost the same amount of time as his sunbaenim was giving a speech. No one knows what motivated RM to do these actions or what it really means, but antifans also took advantage of this opportunity to criticize the BTS leader.

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Fans were busy shipping Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Sehun (EXO), who would have thought that the male lead would be someone else!

During the solo promotion of the song SOLO at the Music Core stage at the end of 2018, Jennie had a trophy competition with the song “Fiancé” by senior Mino. Besides, EXO is also promoting the song “Love Shot”. At the encore stage, the moment when the duo Sehun and Jennie stood side by side, in the same frame, caused a frenzy on social media.

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Not only can she push the boat with Sehun, but Jennie also has a close and lovely interaction with Mino sunbaenim, making many people confused. But it’s not like that! 

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When Dispatch announced that Kai and Jennie were dating, fans suddenly realized and watched this encore stage again. Kai kept looking at Jennie all the time.

Lovelyz ignores Yesung (Super Junior), Red Velvet

An encore stage at Inkigayo in July 2019 once aroused controversy about the attitude of a series of K-pop groups. Specifically, when the winning result was announced and the encore stage was ceded to Red Velvet, many idols passed by Red Velvet without greeting and a nonchalant attitude.

Not only Red Velvet, even Super Junior member Yesung, whose age and career is the second oldest, was also ignored. Member Yeri (Red Velvet) even turned around and bowed to Lovelyz many times, but no member of this group cared about the senior.

kpop encore
kpop encore
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