“The pills are just props”, Sunmi explained about the photo and her tears during a livestream

Sunmi and her agency has explained the painkillers and the crying incident on her livestream.

It has been confirmed that the pill that she uploaded on her personal SNS is just a prop at the filming site,” said MakeUs Entertainment, Sunmi’s agency, on the 22nd.

On Feb 19th, Sunmi posted a photo of herself holding several pills on her Instagram account, raising concerns among fans. The pill is said to be a pain reliever for fever and pain.

In addition, while chatting with fans through Naver V Live livestream on the 21st, she shed tear and was silent for a long time. As comments from fans worried about the status of Sunmi continued, she tweeted to assure them: “Don’t worry! I’m really okay! It’s nothing to worry about.

It was because Sunmi felt emotional while communicating with her fans that the tears happened. There was no special reason or anything“, the agency said.

Meanwhile, Sunmi is set to perform her first World Tour “2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR WARNING” in Seoul on the 24th.

■ The following is the full version of Sunmi’s agency’s announcement:

Hello, we’re MakeUs Entertainment. We would like to express our official position regarding Sunmi.

The pill which has been uploaded via Sunmi’s personal SNS has been confirmed to be props from the filming site. In the case of the V-live, we want to inform you that there is no special reason why it happened, it was due to the flow of emotions while she was communicating with her fans.

Thank you for your love and interest in Sunmi. Please support us in the future.

Thank you.

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