Kim Hee-chul: “My girlfriend and I were about to kiss, but I said ‘No’ and brushed my teeth” (My Little Old Boy)

“My Little Old Boy” Lee Sang-min, Kim Jun-ho and Kim Jong-min attacked Kim Hee-chul’s house.

SBS’s “My Little Old Boy“, which aired on Feb 20th, had an average household viewership rating of 14.1% (metropolitan area) and a 2049 target viewership rating of 5%. (Based on Nielsen Korea)

In particular, the highest viewership rating soared to 18.9% in the visit of My Little Old Boy‘s executives to cure Kim Hee-chul‘s “clean disease”.

My Little Old Boy

As soon as Kim Hee-chul came home, he was terrified and restless by Kim Jun-ho, who was lying on the sofa, and Lee Sang-min, who was eating cookies while lying above the blanket.

Here, Kim Jun-ho went into Kim Hee-chul‘s bathroom and put fake poop made from tissue on the toilet. Kim Hee-chul, who saw it while entering the bathroom, screamed in surprise, making this scene soar to 18.9%. Kim Hee-chul said, “I know my brothers want to cure my ‘clean disease’, but this crossed the line.”

My Little Old Boy

Kim Hee-chul then recalled, “When I was in my 20s, my girlfriend and I were about to kiss while eating something outside. But I said ‘No’ and brushed my teeth.” 

He drew attention by adding, “I hated having a girlfriend because of that. I didn’t want to see dirty things. I thought it was my own consideration.

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