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“Queendom 2” reveals official lineup: Hyolyn, VIVIZ, Brave Girls, LOONA, WJSN, Kep1er

The global girl group comeback battle is about to begin in earnest.

On February 21st, Mnet’s “Queendom 2” unveiled 6 KPOP representative female artists that will compete for a comeback show at the same time through an official press release.

Queendom 2 official lineup

The first girl group in the lineup is Brave Girls, who caused a craze after their song “Rollin” climbed backward on charts and emerged as a rising girl group again last year. Brave Girls will prove that they have more beyond the song that rebounded on charts to show to the viewers with their hidden abilities and charms.

Queendom 2 official lineup

The experienced rookie girl group VIVIZ, who made a successful new start as a trio after the disbandment of the national girl group GFRIEND, was also listed in the lineup. Participating in “Queendom 2” with the determination to make the public remember their name, VIVIZ already aroused the viewers’ excitement for the new appearances that they will perform on the show.

Queendom 2 official lineup

The next girl group on the list of performers is WJSN, who is well-known for many catchy hit songs, such as “I Wish”, “Save Me, Save You”, “As You Wish”, etc. Since the members of WJSN have shown various charms through activities regardless of genres, such as on entertainment shows, in acting as well as music, the girl group is raising high expectations for their performances.


The talented girl group LOONA, which was first recognized by global KPOP fans, will also compete in “Queendom 2”. The girl group has shown perfect stages beyond limits with diverse musical genres through each album, earning the title “Global Trend”. Therefore, many people are curious about which impressive group dance will they perform to capture the hearts of music fans. 

Queendom 2 official lineup

The 5th girl group that appeared in the lineup is “super rookie” Kep1er, who topped the initial sales rankings for girl groups’ debut albums with a record of more than 200,000 copies. Kep1er is enjoying their rising popularity as a “monster rookie” after winning No.1 on music shows immediately after their debut in the music industry. This is why global fans’ attention is being focused on this new girl group and wonder whether Kep1er will be able to show their enthusiastic spirit as a rookie properly.

Queendom 2 official lineup

The last name in this lineup is Sistar’s former member Hyolyn, who has shown off her excellent vocal with an attractive voice as well as her unrivaled charisma, great dancing skills, and stage presence. She is the only solo contestant in this season of “Queendom”. Known to be an all-rounder soloist who can perform in all positions, including vocal, rap and dance, Hyolyn has proved her overwhelming presence. Therefore, audiences are looking forward to seeing how she will solidify her position in the music industry as “artist Hyolyn”.


“Queendom 2” production team said, “All six artists are KPOP female representatives who have already won 1st place on music shows”, adding, “Please look forward to the artists as they will please music fans with the best performances, showing diverse stages with their individuality”.

Queendom 2 official lineup

Meanwhile, “Queendom” which was first aired in 2019, is a comeback survival program in which 6 KPOP top idol teams will simultaneously release their singles on the same day. KPOP girl groups who competed in Season 1 created lots of hot topics at that time with their spectacular performances, showing a new direction in the music industry. 

“Queendom 2” is set to premiere at 9:20 P.M on March 31st.  Girls’ Generation Taeyeon will be the MC for this show.

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