What is this unexpected combination? This top female idol will be the MC for “Queendom 2”

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation has been confirmed as the MC of Mnet’s “Queendom 2.”

“Taeyeon has always been called the ‘Trustful Vocal Queen’ in this colorful and rich music world since her successful debut in the global girl group Girls’ Generation in 2007,” the production team of “Queendom 2” said on Jan 25th. “She is a musician who has been at the top for 16 years as the top 1 solo artist in the music world.”

SNSD Taeyeon Queendom 2

“Taeyeon is a representative musician who leads the global K-Pop wave. She has a wide musical fandom both inside and outside of Korea, and above all, we expect Taeyeon, who is the role model of her junior girl groups, and her various roles beyond just being the host in the program,” they said.

Online community theqoo users showed high expectations, saying, “The title of Taeyeon – the ‘Queendom’ MC is very unconventional,” “Humanely, I think Taeyeon needs to perform three times in celebration of the opening of the broadcast, mid-cheering, and the closing stage,” and “Queendom and Taeyeon is such an unexpected combination.”

SNSD Taeyeon Queendom 2

“Queendom,” which first aired in 2019, is a comeback survival program in which six K-pop top female idols compete by releasing their singles at the same time, on the same day. “Queendom” captivated viewers’ attention with the teams’ proven skills and colorful performances, leading the launch of the male idol versions called “Road to Kingdom” and “Kingdom: Legendary War.”

SNSD Taeyeon Queendom 2

Meanwhile, “Queendom 2” plans to start the 1st recording next month.

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