A famous singer, who was preparing for his solo concert, has been out of touch with his team for 12 days, “Please come back”

Singer Kim Hee-jae has been absent from practice for his solo concert for 12 days, and his agency claimed that it has lost contact with him.

MoCo Ent said on Jun 27th, “MoCo Ent has already paid the fee for a total of three appearances in advance to Sky E&M in January. However, Kim Hee-jae did not participate in the practice once during the preparation for a solo concert under his own name and was uncooperative in providing and promoting music for the concert. Despite continuous requests, we have been out of contact with him for 12 days,” it said.

Kim Hee Jae

Earlier on Jun 24th, Kim Hee-jae’s agency Sky E&M filed a complaint with the Seoul Eastern District Court, saying, “MoCo Ent has not paid our artist’s fee by the due date despite the contractual obligation to pay the singer five out of a total of eight performances.”

In response, MoCo Ent explained, “As you can see in our proof, we have asked them several times to participate in five sessions of practice and send us the songs, but we have not received a single song, so the arrangement team has been staying up all night for two weeks just to make tracks.” It added, “Please join the practice now for the staff who have been silently preparing for the concert and the audience who have already purchased tickets despite the absence and non-cooperation from the artist even though we have paid the appearance fee for 3 nights.”

Below is the official position revealed from MoCo Ent:

Hello, we would like to sincerely ask all of our Kim Hee-jae’s exclusive concert staff to cooperate for the concert to be normally arranged.

All 180 staff members participating in Kim Hee-jae’s solo concert would like to ask for this from Sky E&M and Kim Hee-jae.

We have confirmed the cue sheet discussed with Kim Hee-jae through two meetings with SKY E&M, and after all the preparations, we waited for the head of Sky E&M to give us a schedule.

Kim Hee-jae said to our staff, who are concerned about the combination of his album activities and concerts, “It’s okay even if I die. I will do all the schedules, so please give it to me no matter what,” he said, showing his strong will and we worked hard in our respective positions to create the stage we and Kimm Hee-jae dreamed of.

But yesterday, on June 27th, everyone spent a day in chaos after seeing the thunderous newsletter. We don’t think it’s the opinion of Kim Hee-jae who has prepared a lot of things carefully. If there’s any misunderstanding between MoCo Ent and Sky E&M, please solve it quickly and give us the song and practice schedule (choreography, ensemble, arrangement) to help us complete the concert.

MoCo Ent has shown their willingness to proceed with the scheduled concert. We sincerely appeal to Sky E&M and Kim Hee-jae to relax and return to practice for us.

Source: Wikitree

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