A “sexy brain” female idol who was always the top student during her school days

fromis_9 Jang Gyu-ri boasted the aspect of a “sexy brain girl” who topped the school when she was studying in the United States.

Jang Gyu-ri appeared as a special MC on the June 5th broadcast of KBS2’s “Boss in the Mirror”.

Along with her appearance, Jang Gyu-ri was introduced as “Little Yeo Esther”. Jang Gyu-ri surprised everyone by confessing, “I became more interested in my health while working as an idol. I take about 15 nutritional supplements a day.” Seeing Jang Gyu-ri taking nutritional supplements similar to herself, Yeo Esther sent a love call, “I want to scout you for my company.”

Jang Gyuri

The parallel theory between Jang Gyu-ri and Yeo Esther did not stop here.

Jang Gyuri

When MC Jun Hyun-moo picked out this point, Jang Gyu-ri said, “I topped the school when I was studying in the U.S., then I entered Seoul Institute of the Arts early.”

Jang Gyuri

Jang Gyu-ri also nodded to Yeo Esther’s words that studying was not that difficult. While other MCs were admiring Yeo Esther’s brain, Jang Gyu-ri made everyone burst into laughter as she added, “I understood a little bit after hearing what you said.”

Jang Gyuri

Jang Gyu-ri previously revealed her history of topping the school through several broadcasts. In the past, through V Live, she attracted attention by revealing how she took classes at the university after her debut.

Jang Gyuri

Meanwhile, Jang Gyu-ri debuted as a member of fromis_9 in 2018. She appeared in dramas as well as idol activities, showing her aspect as an acting idol.

Source: Insight

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