Even Jennie and Karina are into this cute and hot fashion item… Here is how you should use ‘mini backpacks’!

Many celebrities are into the small and important item called ‘mini backpack’. From Sunmi to Jennie, Karina, Jung Ho-yeon, and Jeon So-yeon, how do they use it?


sunmi backpack

The minibag trend is leading to a new trend of backpacks. Mini backpacks are compact, cute in size and match with outfits in a lovely mood! How does Sunmi use her mini backpack? She picked one made of knit fabric with a vintage design. A cozy knit mini backpack is perfect for anyone who likes cute style!


jennie blackpink backpack

BLACKPINK member Jennie used a mini backpack with a simple and lovely design. You can give off a cute vibe by matching a basic white T-shirt with jeans as Jennie did. But remember that a leather mini backpack can also help you look chic in all-black outfit sets!

aespa’s Karina

aespa karina backpack

The shoe bag that many of us wore during our elementary school days has been revived in a trendy way! aespa Karina’s mini backpack is called ‘Jimsaek!’. It’s a casual mini backpack design that creates a street mood. If you decide to wear a knitwear outfit like Karina, you can use a similar mini backpack to have a vintage look.

Jung Ho-yeon

jung ho yeon backpack

Jung Ho-yeon likes dressing comfortably and sensibly. She added simple points to her look by matching a compact backpack with a casual style. The mini backpack is a must-have item for anyone who wants to look cute

(G)I-DLE’s Jeon So-yeon

(G)I-DLE Soyeon backpack

Jeon So-yeon’s mini backpack is full of street and hip mood. Since vintage fashion is so popular among people on the MZ Generation these days, the Jansport mini backpack has been reborn as a hip-hop item! Like So-yeon, you can complete a hip style if you wear casual clothes and take one mini backpack along!

Source: cosmopolitan

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