“It’s even more interesting than ‘Myeongnyang’,” positive reaction to the movie “Hansan” about Admiral Yi Sun-shin after the test screening

The sequel to the movie “Myeongnyang,” which was released 8 years ago and recorded more than 10 million viewers, “Hansan” is set to be released.

On July 19th, a test screening of the movie “Hansan“, which deals with the achievements of Admiral Yi Sun-shin as a young man, was held at Lotte Cinema World Tower.

Those who watched the movie through the test screening posted their vivid reviews online, raising expectations for the official premiere the movie.

Visitors who first experienced “Hansan” through the test screening praised the tremendous sea battle scene and intense sound in the movie.

hansan The Emergence of Dragons

Even though the movie depicts a huge-scale sea battle scene, the CG is said to be not awkward at all and provides a grand atmosphere.

They also expressed their admiration, saying that the outstanding character immersion of experienced actors contributes to the completeness of the movie.

hansan The Emergence of Dragons

Audiences praised the excellent acting skills of actors such as actor Park Hae-il, who played the role of Lee Soon-shin, as well as Byun Yo-han, Ahn Sung-ki, Son Hyun-joon, Kim Sung-kyu, and Kim Sung-kyun whose synergies increase the story immersion.

In particular, “Hansan” is also said to be fresh in that it solves all language communication problems by introducing subtitles in maritime battle scenes.

hansan The Emergence of Dragons

Some visitors commented that “Myeongnyang” was just a preview for “Hansan,” and “Myeongnyang” was also fun, but “Hansan” was more fun,” and that it was better than the prequel one.

As favorable reviews poured out after the test screening, expectations for “Hansan” are soaring.

As evidenced by this, the pre-booking rate of “Hansan” is also rapidly increasing.

hansan The Emergence of Dragons

Meanwhile, “Hansan” is a war action film depicting the strategy and spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-shin and Joseon’s naval forces to defend Joseon five years before the Battle of Myeongnyang.

“Hansan,” which is well-received even before its official release, will visit the theater on July 27th.

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