Is this another diss? The picture G-Dragon posted on SNS on the last day of May raised suspicions

G-Dragon uploaded a picture of his hair.

On the afternoon of May 31st, G-Dragon posted a photo of some cut hair strands on his Instagram. In the photo uploaded by G-Dragon, the cut hair, which is believed to belong to G-Dragon, is neatly placed on a surface. The photo is posted without any caption.

Recently, G-Dragon has become a hot topic once again due to rumors of his breakup with Jennie of BLACKPINK. G-Dragon, who is mentioned as Jennie’s ex-boyfriend, is also drawing attention as Jennie and BTS V are rumored to be dating. In this situation, Jennie, V, and G-Dragon also drew attention from netizens after leaving posts on their Instagram that seemed to be conscious of each other’s presence.

G-Dragon’s post is attracting enthusiastic responses from netizens. In the photo of G-Dragon with his cut hair, netizens mentioned the myth that “If you break up with your lover, you cut your hair.” They also responded by mentioning the breakup and dating rumors, “Did GD break up and cut his hair?” and “Isn’t this about Jennie?”. The speculation is still just a speculation as all three have made no official statements about their dating and breakup relationship.


Meanwhile, BIGBANG, which includes G-Dragon, released their first new song “Still Life” in four years, drawing attention.

Source: Xsportnews


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