Korean netizens’ unexpected opinions on Rosé (BLACKPINK) using an outdated technology product

What do Korean netizens say when Rosé didn’t look as trendy as usual?

On March 20th, Rosé (BLACKPINK) appeared at Incheon airport to head to Los Angeles, USA. This is “Australian rose”’s first public appearance after recovering from COVID-19. Immediately, Rosé’s appearance caused a stir on social networks because her appearance at the airport was so beautiful and attractive.

Rose Blackpink

However, unlike the recent departure of the other members in the group such as Lisa, Jennie, Rosé was spotted using a quite antiquated technology accessory. It is a wired earphone that is quite cumbersome and inconvenient. This is not the first time Rosé has used these earphones. Perhaps this is her favorite iPhone accessory.

Rose Blackpink

Rosé’s use of wired earphones even became a topic of heated discussion among Korean netizens. Many think that people will think that wireless headphones are too outdated, but the result is quite the opposite.

Quite a few people prefer to use wired earphones like Rosé. Although wired earphones are no longer a trendy tech accessory, they ensure a stable connection and reduce problems when connecting to other devices. Furthermore, it also avoids the situation of running out of battery halfway. You even greatly reduce the possibility of losing your earphones.

Rose Blackpink

Here are some top comments in the thread about Rosé using wired headphones:

  • But these earphones are actually really good in sound quality. In short, for my ears, their sound quality is much better than the AirPods Pro.
  • Am I the only one who has never used AirPods? I thought I would lose them, so I didn’t use the AirPods. I’m still using wired earphones to this day.
  • Its sound quality is indeed better, but nowadays not many people use them because they are quite cumbersome.
  • But aren’t wired earphones more convenient than Bluetooth charging earphones when you have to be on a plane during long flights? It took almost 10 hours to get there in Los Angeles.
  • Am I the only one who feels more comfortable with wired earphones? They don’t need to be charged, I don’t worry about dropping them, and they fit my ears better when I put them on.
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