“The Glory” Part 2 Behind Commentary: Kim Gun Woo asks Kim Eun Sook to revive his character in Part 3

Actor Kim Gun Woo expressed his desire to return as Son Myung Oh if “The Glory” Part 3 were to be produced.

On March 26th, Netflix Korea uploaded a behind commentary video for “The Glory” on its official Youtube channel.

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The video shows Park Sung Hoon (as Jeon Jae Joon), Jung Sung Il (as Ha Do Young), Kim Hieora (as Lee Sa Ra), Cha Joo Young (as Choi Hye Jung), Kim Gun Woo (as Son Myung Oh) and screenwriter Kim Eun Sook gathering together for a commentary session on Part 2 of “The Glory”.

While watching the scene where Lee Sa Ra and Choi Hye Jung had a conflict during Son Myung Oh’s funeral, Kim Eun Sook explained, “I consulted a doctor about that scene. The doctor drew me a picture and told me where the bones were, and that she had to stab right there. Then I told the director, ‘She must stab here, then Hye Jeong won’t die and still be alive’.”

Kim Hieora confessed, “After that scene, I felt kind of weird. I felt unwell and sensitive even after the shoot. Apparently, Yeon Jin felt the same way. So we told each other that we shouldn’t take roles like these for a while. We could get in trouble”.

kim eun sook

Kim Eun Sook then shared, “It’s not easy for me to write such scenes. I never experienced it while writing happy scenes. But when I wrote something so dark, I became exhausted”. Park Sung Hoon continued the talk, saying “If someone cut in while I was driving, I used to be like, ‘What’s the problem with him?’. But when I worked on ‘The Glory’, I kept honking”, adding “Myung Oh’s suffering the aftermath of his long hair. It’s been months, but he still hasn’t got a haircut yet”.

When it came to Son Myung Oh’s funeral scene, Kim Gun Woo said, “It’s one of the scenes of our self-destruction. The fact that it takes place at my funeral was a shock. Though I wasn’t in that scene. I said, as a joke, that I wanted to visit the set”. Cha Joo Young added, “When we had that scene, we talked about going on a trip for a couple of days after the shoot”, revealing the friendly filming atmosphere.

Writer Kim Eun Sook then revealed, “During the afterparty, we talked about filming Part 3 and Myung Oh asked me if I could bring him back to life. He said he will do anything. He wanted to participate”. In response, Kim Gun Woo expressed his greed, saying “I don’t want to think about Part 3 without Myung Oh”.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is a Netflix original series about the revenge plan carefully designed by a woman whose soul was broken due to the school violence experience during her childhood and people who fall into the whirlwinds of her revenge. Part 2 of the drama was released on March 10th.

Source: Nate

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