BLACKPINK Fans Accused of Unfair Treatment Towards Idols: Controversy Surrounding Bouquets and Black Ocean at Concerts

BLACKPINK members receive warm affection from fans around the world, but there are also times when they are treated unfairly by their own fans.

As a globally famous girl group, BLACKPINK has amassed a huge number of fans, and their concerts are always sold out. However, this popularity has sometimes resulted in unfair treatment from their own fans towards the four members.

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During their BORN PINK world tour stop in Manila, Philippines, the YG girls were warmly welcomed by their fans, who were treated to unforgettable performances.

Recently, a BLACKPINK fanbase came under fire for allegedly treating their idols unfairly. Fans noticed that the four bouquets given to the members differed greatly in size. One bouquet in particular, the purple one, was significantly smaller than the others, which raised concerns among fans.

Fans discovered that there was a purple bouquet that was completely different in size. (Photo: Twitter @jisoosfilm)
Afterwards, the fanbase posted evidence photos, but due to the angle of the shots, it was difficult to confirm the exact size of each bouquet. (Photo: Twitter @jisoosfilm)

Although the fanbase in question posted evidence photos, the angle of the shots made it difficult to confirm the exact size of each bouquet. However, a flower shop in the Philippines later revealed that the purple bouquet was the cheapest, as it did not require any special request, while the other three were custom-designed to be larger, hence more expensive.

The three other bouquets were customized and the remaining one was just a regular purple bouquet without any special request, which was cheaper. (Photo: MILOS FLOWER SHOP)
BLACKPINK fans have spoken up in frustration, claiming that Jisoo is being treated unfairly because the color purple is often reserved for her.

In addition, fans discovered a small bouquet that did not come with a letter, which added to the controversy.

During a concert in Indonesia, Jennie also experienced unfair treatment from some fans, as they turned off their lightsticks during her solo performance, resulting in a Black Ocean. This caused frustration among the fans who felt that this was disrespectful to the girls.

Source: yan

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