K-pop female idols show off their dazzling aura in suits and ties

Let’s take a look at the times when female idols turned into “oppas”.

Not being framed in one image, female K-pop stars often refresh themselves with different fashion styles. Besides the daily princess-like, gentle and feminine style, when dressing up with a vest and tie, these beauties exude a captivating “masculine” handsome look.

Rosé transforms into a handsome man with a tie. 

Se Jeong‘s name has recently gained more attention after the drama “A Business Proposal”  aired and caused a fever. The female idol’s charm comes from her bright smile, always filled with positive energy. The former I.O.I member made people admire again when changing her style from “sweet candy” to extremely cool with a black suit and tie.

Kim Se Jeong
Se Jeong flaunts her “excellent” visuals in a menly outfit. 

It is no coincidence that Rosé has many opportunities to develop in the fashion field. The female idol owns beautiful body proportions, slim legs and a tiny waist. Therefore, she easily conquered many fashion styles. Different from the usual sweet image, Rosé wearing a tie gives off a very cool aura.

The female idol is both cool and cute with a vest and tie. 

Noted except before debut, Ryujin is currently among the most popular members of Itzy. The female idol is very suitable for the girl crush style. In real life, she’s as cute as a baby, but when she’s on stage, Ryujin becomes really cool. She has many times made fans excited when wearing a vest, shirt and tie to perform.

Ryujin makes fans’ hearts race every time she wears a tie. 

Jisoo also has times when she wears a tie that causes “visual shock”. BLACKPINK‘s stylists are often praised for their extremely creative transformations that bring out one-of-a-kind designs. With a tie and vest, the female idol mixed with a matching short skirt, creating an outfit that is both dynamic and luxurious, highlighting the attractive figure of BLACKPINK‘s eldest member.

The female idol brings out her own color when wearing a tie.

The legendary Up&Down fancam “saved” EXID and brought Hani‘s name up without a hitch. The female idol impressed fans with an angelic face but a very cool personality. Therefore, the suit and tie are extremely suitable to highlight her own aura. Along with her wavy, light-colored hair, Hani’s visual is further enhanced.

The standard “handsome girl”.

With a gentle and ladylike appearance, Miyeon has repeatedly made netizens admire her aura. In a program, the female idol attracted attention with her extreme style change. Instead of the usual dresses, the beauty (G)-IDLE chose a black suit combined with a white shirt and tie.

The female idol exudes a chic aura but does not lose her tenderness. 

Appearing at the press conference to promote the MV TOMBOY, (G)-IDLE once again caused a fever in the online community with a very impressive style. The group wore crop top shirts showing off their waists, tied ties and added leather jackets outside.

The body of the 5 members is thoroughly flaunted in a new style. 

Pursuing a pure and lovely image, TWICE successfully left a mark in the hearts of fans. However, the JYP girls also often renew themselves with different styles. Trying out with men’s outfits, the 9 beautiful female idols make people admire their charisma.

Nayeon and Sana are full of personality when wearing a vest and tie, with a cool aura that steals the hearts of fans. The youngest Tzuyu did not disappoint fans with her visuals when switching to a different style than usual. Meanwhile, Mina showed off her gentle and haughty beauty with a bright smile.

TWICE beauties show off their top beauty with ties and vests. 

SNSD also many times transformed into “handsome girls” that captivated fans. When promoting the hit Mr Mr, menswear sets were the female idols’ choice. The vest and tie are already cool enough, the SM beauties even mixed them with hats and boots to add a few more charismatic points.

The outfit at the time of SNSD’s Mr Mr promotion is still admired for its stylishness. 

Transforming” with suits and ties, the female idols turned on the cool mode, making fans can’t stop admiring their cool and chic aura. The visual of the beauties was once again proved as they were able to digest many different styles.

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