From room escape to TMI, LE SSERAFIM’s variety skills explode in episode 2 of “LENIVERSE” 

LE SSERAFIM shows off their pleasant charm through their own variety show “LENIVERSE”. 

On August 17th, LE SSERAFIM released episode 2 of their own variety show “LENIVERSE” on the group’s official YouTube channel. “LENIVERSE” is a combination of LE SSERAFIM and Universe, which means a parallel universe where LE SSERAFIM finds joy away from reality.

Episode 2 begins with the members realizing that the rooms they were locked in were connected to each other, so they worked together to escape and received the final mission to create a slogan for “LENIVERSE” and shout it out loud. The members poured out their witty ideas and said, “The next stop is LE SSERAFIM. How do you get there? By LENIVERSE!” (“Verse” and “Bus” in Korean have the same pronunciation). 

In the end, the members all agreed to use “We are in LENIVERSE, Over!” as the final slogan. When they arrived at LENIVERSE, LE SSERAFIM chanted the slogan and jokingly said, “We had a lot of space sickness coming all the way here.”

The first challenge at LENIVERSE was a quiz prepared to find out how well LE SSERAFIM members know each other. This is a game that infers the members’ daily actions and characteristics from trivial TMIs. The winner would be given a special reward, raising the members’ competitiveness. 

In particular, it was fun to watch LE SSERAFIM members bewildered by unexpected problems and back-to-back incorrect answers. In the first round, Heo Yunjin took the lead with the highest score, but the video ended with the other members showing off their desire to win, stimulating curiosity about episode 3 of “LENIVERSE”, which will come out next week.

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