Choi Ye-na X Jo Yu-ri X Kwon Eun-bi, from IZ*ONE members to “all-rounder” soloists

Former IZ*ONE members Choi Ye-na, Jo Yu-ri and Kwon Eun-bi are shining brightly.

Choi Ye-na is gaining popularity with the new songs that fully utilize her unique fresh and positive energy. She showed her friendly and cute charm when appearing on various entertainment programs such as TVING’s series “Girls High School Mystery Class”, YouTube’s “Ye-na’s Animal Detective”, “Fireworks Handsome” and “Game of Blood”. In January, with her first mini-album “Smiley”, she achieved valuable results such as topping Bugs’ real-time chart, Melon’s latest chart and music shows. Choi Ye-na, who returned about 7 months after her solo debut by releasing her second mini album “SMARTPHONE” on August 3rd, is solidifying her music color with the refreshing summer song “SMARTPHONE” that presents coolness and positive energy. “SMARTPHONE” showed its presence not only on digital charts but also on album charts. Its first-week sales recorded more than 110,000 copies, nearly doubling the growth of Choi Ye-na’s debut album.

Jo Yu-ri, who became IZ*ONE‘s second soloist in October last year, proved her solid fandom by recording 75,000 copies in the first week with her debut single “GLASSY”. After showing strong musical capabilities as IZ*ONE’s main vocalist with her debut song “GLASSY”, Jo Yu-ri proved her more mature vocal skills with the title song “Love Shhh!” of her first mini-album last June. Jo Yu-ri, who said she wanted to have the modifier “all-rounder”, is also challenging acting. In the drama “Mimicus” (produced by PLAYLIST), she plays Oh Ro-shi, the center of a popular girl group and a student of an arts school. Even though it is her first acting challenge, she shows stable acting and is expected to become a next-generation idol actress.

Kwon Eun-bi, the eldest sister and leader of IZ*ONE, was the first member to debut solo with her first mini-album “OPEN” in August last year. Attention was focused on whether she would join the girl group that had already been launched by her agency Woollim Entertainment, but she ambitiously debuted as a soloist with the title song “Door”, showing the side of an all-rounder with excellent dance and singing skills. Afterwards, Kwon Eun-bi’s inner and musical “color” was shown in a colorful and rich way through her second mini-album “Color” released in April this year. She received favorable reviews for her more mature appearance. She plans to start global activities in earnest by holding her first solo fan meeting in Japan in October~November.

A music official said, “As all three artists were vocalists in the group, they are continuing their ‘all-rounder’ activities with new attempts such as acting and entertainment shows while maintaining their vocal charm through solo activities. Their biggest driving force is their solid fandoms. Although IZ*ONE was only active for a short time, they have formed such huge fandoms not only in Korea but also in Japan. Along with the support of existing fandoms, they are leading the influx of new fan bases with their mainstream music.

Source: daum

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