Kim Eun Hee reveals how she overcame “Jirisan” failure and grew with “Revenant”, “The severe criticism hurt me a lot”

Kim Eun Hee confessed that she had a hard time after her previous work “Jirisan” received negative responses.

Writer Kim Eun Hee had an interview with TenAsia and shared her thoughts about the recently ended drama “Revenant”.

“Revenant” tells the story of San Young (Kim Tae Ri), who is possessed by the devil, and folklore professor Yeom Hae Sang (Oh Jung Se) digging into mysterious deaths. The drama ended with the highest viewer rating of 11.2%.

Kim Eun hee

During the interview, the writer revealed her concerns about making “Revenant”, saying “I wondered, ‘Is it okay to release an occult drama on TV?’ or ‘Will the viewers accept it?’, etc. However, I was very grateful that many people cheered for me and supported the lacking me.”

Regarding her feelings about working with Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, Hong Kyung, Kim Won Hae, Kim Hae Sook, and Jin Sun Kyu, the writer said, “I thought I had saved the whole country in my past life. I admire and respect them a lot. Their acting performances were amazing”. When asked about the reason she decided to create a drama with the occult genre, Kim Eun Hee explained, “There’s the saying, ‘Humans are scarier than ghosts’. I wanted to portray criminals who have stolen hopes from wandering young people by comparing them to ghosts.”

Kim Eun hee

Explaining the ending of Goo San Young, the writer said, “San Young is 25 years old and is still young. Even if she makes the right choices, it doesn’t mean her life will be full of hope. I wanted to express that reality in a dark way.”

Kim Eun Hee also mentioned the criticism she faced after releasing her previous work “Jirisan”. The writer said, “People say ‘Jirisan’ is like a mountain of patience. I felt like climbing a challenging and high mountain. There were many difficult moments, and they gave me lots of burdens. The criticism was severe, and it hurt me a lot. However, during that time, I learned more than compared to when I worked on other dramas. I felt greatly pressured while writing ‘Revenant’, but this drama allowed me to grow even more so that I could cherish each and every word I wrote.”

Source: Daum

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