Lim Ji Yeon’s Genuine Thoughts on Her Villain Role in “The Glory” and Acting Career

Lim Ji Yeon, who gained attention for her role as the main villain Park Ji Yeon in “The Glory,” revealed her thoughts in an interview with “Newsroom.”

On the March 26th episode of JTBC’s “Newsroom,” Lim Ji Yeon revealed that her family calls her “Yeon Jin” instead of “Ji Yeon,” indicating how “The Glory” villain role has affected her. 

lim ji yeon

She stated, “My entire family calls me ‘Yeon Jin.’ They keep saying things like ‘When is Yeon Jin coming home?’ and ‘Yeon Jin is so cool,’ and my friends call me ‘Yeon Jin’ wherever I go. Even the director of the new work I’m in calls me ‘Yeon Jin.'”

This was Lim Ji Yeon’s first time playing an antagonist, and she said, “I always wanted to challenge myself as an actor by playing a villain. But the opportunities never came easily. Then, I read the script for ‘The Glory’ and found it really interesting. Of course, I was afraid, but I had this desire to try it out and to perform this villain role as best as I could.”

lim ji yeon

She continued, “The character of Park Yeon Jin has a lot to offer. On the other hand, I think people find it very refreshing because I’ve never shown this side of me before. Because there are so many emotional expressions, when I get angry, I express it immediately. Also, since I screamed so much, my voice didn’t come out well, and I even had phlegm in my throat because I kept smoking.”

She also talked about her “eyebrow pride,” saying, “I used to hate my eyebrows. But I think these thick eyebrows match Yeon Jin really well, and the way they move really adds to the character. So I used this as a source to play Yeon Jin when I acted.”

lim ji yeon

Additionally, Lim Ji Yeon revealed that her habit of smiling with only one side of her mouth and wearing bright and colorful urban-style clothes helped her portray Park Yeon Jin better. She said, “I thought that using those clothes and emphasizing those qualities would make the character stand out more and appear stronger.”

Lim Ji Yeon memorized the script for all the scenes of her being a weathercaster from episode 1 to 16 and filmed them all at once. She reenacted the scene smoothly on the spot. She was also delighted to reenact the iconic scene where Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) shouted, “You’re cool, Yeon Jin-ah.” 

Lim Ji Yeon emphasized, “Although my experience is not very long, during my more than ten years of acting career, I have always been sincere. When I was in my 20s, I got scolded and cried a lot, wondering why I couldn’t have been born with better talent. However, the growing sense of inferiority that came along little by little actually made me think, ‘I still want to act.’ I didn’t want to give up.”

lim ji yeon

She continued, “I didn’t want to regret not being able to do something simply because I lacked effort or didn’t try hard enough. Even if I couldn’t do it, I thought that it was something I couldn’t blame myself for because I tried my best.” 

Lim Ji Yeon concluded the news interview by saying, “I hope people recognize that I am an actor with many different colors, can wear different styles of clothes, work hard on even the smallest details, and truly love acting. I will continue to be an actor who works hard.”

Source: Daum

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