Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim Spotted on Tokyo Date

Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim’s dating rumors resurface after Tokyo trip

Rumors of a possible romantic relationship between actors Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim, who previously starred as a couple on “We Got Married,” have resurfaced once again. According to reports, the two were seen on a date during their recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim

Kim So-eun shared photos of her Tokyo trip on Instagram, where she visited popular tourist spots with her companions, including Tokyo Tower and Sanrio Puroland. Similarly, Song Jae-rim also shared photos of his own trip to Tokyo, including his visits to the same tourist attractions.

Fans have been speculating that the two may have expressed their affection for each other on social media by using “lovegrams” during their trip. Additionally, Japanese fans have shared photos of Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim walking together and enjoying their date, further fueling the rumors.

Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim

The online community has been expressing their support for the two, hoping that they are a real couple and stating that they look good together. This is not the first time that the two have been linked romantically. They first appeared as a couple on “We Got Married Season 4” in 2015 and have since maintained their relationship. They also appeared together in the SBS drama “Our Gap-soon” in 2016, where they shared a passionate kiss, drawing attention from viewers.

Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim

Last year, they reunited on the KBS2 variety show “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant,” where Kim So-eun appeared as a judge for Song Jae-rim’s cooking. During the show, she expressed her liking for Song Jae-rim’s cooking and was able to guess his dish correctly in a blind taste test.

The interest in their possible relationship continues to be high, with fans eagerly anticipating any news regarding the two.

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