Park So Dam Reflects on Battling Cancer: Finding Gratitude in Everyday Life

Park So Dam revealed that she now appreciates the preciousness of everyday life more after battling cancer.

On June 27th, Park So Dam shared her current status, “Last year was okay but not really okay. Still, I was grateful for each day. A month after surgery, the release of the movie ‘Special Delivery,’ the Baeksang Awards after a five-month hiatus, appearance at Golden Disk Awards and the release of ‘Phantom’ after two years, and I’m currently filming a new project.

She continued, “In between, there were recoveries, rest, and the processes of living better in the future. I enjoyed the little joys of everyday life such as time for myself, travels, performances, concerts, exhibitions, my first vlog, and spending time with loved ones.

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Park So Dam expressed her gratitude to everyone who waited, worried, and supported her, “And to our Dodam family, every aspect of daily life is now appreciated. We’re already halfway through 2023. I hope you all stay healthy and have a happy and enjoyable day without regrets. Fighting! I’ll cheer you on. See you soon. Love you all.

Along with her message, Park So Dam posted photos from her travels and added, “All the pictures of Jeju Island that I’ve been posting since yesterday are from ‘already a year ago.’ Because it was a process of recovery, I’m posting them now.

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Earlier, Park So Dam revealed that she underwent surgery for thyroid papillary carcinoma in 2021. She had put all activities on hold for treatment but made her return to the screen through the film “Phantom” last year.

At that time, Park So Dam said, “There were 10 nodules in my throat, and it had spread to the lymph nodes. They said I might lose my voice. If I had been a little late, it could have spread to my lungs, making it more difficult. I would have needed chemotherapy.” 

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It took her six months to regain her voice after surgery. She also mentioned, “I have to take medicine for over five years, and it’s cautious to talk about complete recovery. I need to make an effort to avoid stress as much as possible and be prepared for times when my condition worsens due to hormones.”

Meanwhile, Park So Dam will appear in the upcoming TVING original series “Death’s Game” scheduled for the second half of this year.

Source: Nate. 

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