“Liking you was a taint in my life”, another Chinese fan accused Lucas (NCT/WayV) of flirting with a surf instructor behind her back

The series of allegations against Lucas (NCT/WayV) seems to have no end even though the male idol has officially apologized.

In recent days, NCT/WayV Lucas made headlines after being exposed by a series of ex-girlfriends/boyfriend. Lucas then sent a handwritten apology letter on August 25, stating that he would self-reflect and halt all activities. SM also admitted fault and apologized to the fans for the poor management. However, the issue did not appear to be over when another girl (temporarily known as D) emerged this morning (August 28) and accused Lucas of flirting with a surf instructor behind her back.

Especially, D claimed that Lucas had a separate account to go after women. She also revealed that the male idol immediately flirted with a surf instructor he had just met despite having just contacted her right before, as expected from the “king of time management”.

Specifically, D said that this female instructor was somehow bribed by SM’s Public Relations (PR) department to share a “whitewashing” post for Lucas, praising the male idol and calling him a “warm guy like sunshine”. D saw the screenshot of a conversation on Wechat posted by the female instructor and unexpectedly noticed the matching time.

“You don’t have to follow me, he’s already trashy enough, but I can’t stand seeing him still staying there causing trouble for his group members, the sincerity of others doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. There are a lot of girls out there, but most of them don’t want to make a big deal out of it. I thought that we could go separate ways with good memories, but he crossed the limits, don’t blame others for ‘betraying’ you, you brought it on yourself.”

D said

D uploaded a video comparing the voice messages that Lucas sent her and the female instructor. She pointed out that the length of voice messages she and the female instructor received were the same, suspecting that Lucas sent the same message to many people. In the video, Lucas said in Cantonese: “I wish you were here”

Lucas: “Uhm uhm like I said the other day on the  ‘car’. I am glad that you came into my life and also made me more mature. Thank you, let’s work hard together for our future. We’ve learned new experiences since we knew each other, that is how life is.
Hihi I really found the right person. Hahahah”

In the message, Lucas also sent D a photo of a white cat. Earlier in June this year, Chinese paparazzi once caught Lucas carrying a cat out of a pet store, but when the male idol returned to Korea, he did not mention this cat anymore.


D said that she did not adopt the cat because Lucas did not even care about it. And WinWin, according to D, took care of the cat. She also further revealed that WinWin was very nice.

Someone said that Lucas didn’t let D take care of the cat since she was “not Lucas’s style.”  D immediately sarcastically replied: Yesterday,your oppa just said that he was still in deep love with me, ask him through Bubble yourself.” D’s answer then raised suspicions that Lucas still continued to text the girls even after the scandal broke out.


At the end of the article, D stated Lucas frequently complained that the fans are disgusting. D thus begged the fans to stop assaulting the other members as Lucas did not deserve to be their bandmate. D also apologized to fans of NCT/WayV members, saying that they are nice people, unlike Lucas.

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