The child actor who played Shin Min-ah’s son drew attention after posting this on SNS

An SNS post of a child actor who acted with actress Shin Min-ah is drawing attention. 

On Jun 8th, a post related to actress Shin Min-ah was posted on the Instagram account managed by the mother of child actor Kim Ha-eon. Kim Ha-eon is the actor who played the role of Sun-ah (Shin Min-ah)’s son Yeol in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues.” 

kim ha eon instagram

Kim Ha-eon’s mother said, “Angel-like mother Sun-ah and aunt Min-ah,” adding, “She gave Ha-eon a gift, saying it was his birthday ❣ She even gave us a letter in her pretty handwriting ❣. Ha-eon still greets mother Sun-ah whenever he saw aunt Min-ah in the shopping mall advertisement,” Ha-eon’s mother said, “While waiting on cold filming days, he goes into aunt Min-ah’s long padded jacket…Kim Ha-eon was really happy, right 🥰.”

The post was tagged with, “#OurBlues #Yeol #SunA #ShinMina #OurBlues #UnforgettableDay #LifeDrama #We were just thankful to be together #Thank you #DramaDebut #Writer Noh Hee-kyung #OurBluesDay #Memories are in full swing 💕” 


The photo in the post showed Shin Min-ah smiling brightly as she delivered a birthday present to Kim Ha-eon. In addition, the handwritten letter that Shin Min-ah wrote for Kim Ha-eon was also revealed. 

shin min ah

Shin Min-ah drew attention by pressing “Like” on that Instagram post.

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