This Kpop group have magic? BLACKPINK members flew all over the globe without fans knowing

As a famous Kpop girl group with worldwide influence, BLACKPINK are often invited to events all around the world. 

BLACKPINK, with their large number of fans and global influence, often receives overseas schedules, especially luxury brand events. However, fans of the group seem to never know where in the world BLACKPINK is, nor when they are flying. 

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Some fans of BLACKPINK even joked that the group have teleportation magic. 

Recently, BLACKPINK Rosé is assumed to be all the way in London, UK. In particular, according to the female idol’s Instagram posts, she may be attending Tiffany & Co.’s launching event for their new collection. However, how, and when did Rosé fly all the way to London is a whole other question. 

blackpink rose instagram
BLACKPINK Rosé is assumed to be in London, UK. 
blackpink rose
However, fans can’t seem to tell when the female idol took her flight. 
Rose Blackpink
As an ambassador of Tiffany & Co., it is likely that Rosé will attend this brand’s London event. 

Prior to Rosé, BLACKPINK Lisa also took fans by complete surprise when she suddenly appeared in a Bvlgari event in France. Her schedule was apparently confirmed last minute, and YG only announced her appearance on D-Day. 

blackpink lisa
BLACKPINK Lisa was suddenly spotted in France. 
blackpink lisa
The female idol appeared at the Bvlgari event in a drop-dead gorgeous yellow gown. 
blackpink lisa  anne hathaway
And shined next to Hollywood star Anne Hathaway. 

In early June, Korean media reported that Jisoo and Rosé appeared at the VIP premiere of the movie “Broker”. However, the two idols didn’t attend the photo corner, leading to fans accusing new sites of media play. It was not until the end of the event, when photos and videos of Jisoo and Rosé waving fans goodbye were released, that BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) finally believed the media. 

blackpink jisoo rose  broker
Jisoo and Rosé attended the premiere but didn’t take any pictures at the red carpet, leaving fans confused as to whether they attended or not.
blackpink jisoo rose
Fans have no idea how Jisoo and Rosé were able to enter the event without being photographed.

In April, Jisoo also secretly attended Cartier’s event in Korea.  At that time, she did not reveal this schedule or take any pictures on the red carpet.  It was not until Cartier announced that BLACKPINK’s member was the brand’s new Ambassador that the images of the female idol at this show were spread.

blackpink jisoo cartier
Jisoo secretly appeared at Cartier’s event
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo is currently Cartier’s Global Ambassador.

At the end of 2021, Jennie and Rosé also silently flew to the US without revealing to the fans.  It was not until some fans caught the two shopping at a mall that this information was revealed.  In addition, a few days later, Lisa also suddenly went to the US to meet DJ Snake. 

dj snake studio blackpink lisa 241121
Lisa also gave fans a surprise

BLACKPINK has many times carried out group and individual schedules in secret, which surprised fans.  This also partly demonstrates YG Entertainment’s good information security and the company’s respect for idols’ privacy.

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