A member of LE SSERAFIM was compared to (G)-IDLE’s Shuhua.. for singing too little

The line distribution of LE SSERAFIM caused controversies when a member got to sing for less than 5 seconds.

The new girl group LE SSERAFIM of Source Music (subsidiary of HYBE Labels) made their official debut on the 2nd of May. With many talented faces, including two former IZ*ONE members, the group soon attracted attention for their debut title “FEARLESS”, and was even considered Kpop’s new “monster rookie.” 


Alongside the MV and choreography, the line distribution of this title song also caught the eyes of netizens. Unfortunately, not in a positive light, since in this 3-minute song, one member only got to sing for less than 5 seconds. That’s not even one-sixth of the main vocalist Huh Yunjin, whose lines amounted to over 30 seconds. 

le sserafim
The line distribution for LE SSERAFIM’s debut title “FEARLESS”
le sserafim eunchae
Member Hong Eunchae’s total singing time was less than 5 seconds. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Another case like (G)-IDLE’s Shuhua?
  • So basically another Bahiyyih and Shuhua.
  • Meanwhile Kim Garam was in the center and sang the whole chorus.
  • Eunchae is pretty and talented but I think she’s the main dancer? 5 seconds is too little still…
  • So many parts that would suit Eunchae’s voice but the company said nope
  • Rear position and little line.. This poor girl
  • So that’s why I barely saw her in the MV
(G)I-DLE Shuhua
The situation reminded netizens of (G)-IDLE’s Shuhua…
Huening Bahiyyih
And Ke1per’s Bahiyyih for both also have little to no lines. 

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