A female idol burst into tears as she was despised by other dancers

Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon was labeled ‘No Respect’ by professional dancers in the dance show Street Women Fighter.

On August 2, Street Women Fighter, an Mnet’s new dance crew survival program, had released its first trailer which caused controversy on social networks. The reason is in the video trailer, former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon was despised by the other female dancers. Being publicly criticized made the idol burst into tears.

A female idol burst into tears as she was despised by other dancers

Accordingly, as soon as Lee Chae Yeon appeared on the set, the professional dancers asked, “Why are there idols here?” One participant also claimed that the female idol’s level could not be compared with them because “Their original purpose of practicing dancing was already different.

The female dancers simultaneously labeled ‘No Respect’ on Chae Yeon and looked at her with unfriendly eyes. But in response, the former IZ*ONE member affirmed that idols could also dance well. Previously, Lee Chae Yeon‘s dancing ability had been highly appreciated by experts, considered one of the best idol dancers in K-Pop nowadays.

Chae Yeon, on the other hand, burst into tears backstage and stated, “I can’t dance anymore.” Worried about her situation, members of the same group asked the crew to stop filming so Chae Yeon could have some privacy.

A female idol burst into tears as she was despised by other dancers

Street Women Fighter is a show that searches for the best female dance group. The dancers participating in the program are all famous names in the Korean dance world and have participated in many world-famous competitions. Lee Chae Yeon enrolled as a dancer of the group ‘Want’, which was led by 1 Million Dance Studio instructor Choi Hyo Jin.

Chaeyeon’s shirt is covered with No Respect stickers, she asserts, “Idols can dance well too”. 
 The former IZ*ONE member then burst into tears, “I think I can’t dance anymore.”

The show features top stars, including BoA, and Tae Yong (NCT) as judges, as well as “nation’s center” Kang Daniel as MC. The teaser did, however, depict a scene in which some dancers looked down on the judges, who were two K-Pop idols. Even a dancer interrupted BoA when she was talking.

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