JooE Mentions Profits From MOMOLAND Activities, “My Parents Have To Sell Their Foreign Car Now”

MOMOLAND’s JooE revealed her whereabouts as she’s carrying out activities without an agency

On December 12th broadcast of E Channel & Channel S’s “Playing Sisters” showed Chae Rina, Lee Ji-hye, Narsha, and Ivy meeting Jewelry’s Lee Ji-hyun, Wonder Girls’s Yubin and MOMOLAND’s JooE.

The members gathered and had a meal together. Seeing the youngest member JooE, others commented, “You’re definitely very young”, “Do your tears come out when the wind blows?”, “Have you ever cried when laughing?”, etc.

JooE then revealed her current status as she is currently handling all schedules alone without a management agency. She smiled brightly and said, “It’s nice not having to share profits with other members”. She added, “MOMOLAND did not disband but people think we already disbanded. We are going to have an overseas fanmeeting”.

When others asked about the profits from MOMOLAND activities, saying “Didn’t you guys make a lot of money?”, JooE honestly shared, “We received salaries after two years and I knew we were doing well. My parents even bought a foreign car. But after COVID-19, we need to sell the foreign car now.”


Later, Lee Ji-hye asked JooE, “Are you enjoying the shoot?”. In response, JooE said, “It’s been a while since I last did a filming like this. It’s really fun. I want to get cast in entertainment shows but I’m afraid about carrying out entertainment activities without doing music”. Hearing that, Lee Ji-hye advised, “Each person has their own timing. Things will go right when the time comes. Just do whatever you want”.

Meanwhile, “Playing Sister” airs every Tuesday at 8:40 p.m.

Source: Nate

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