“He doesn’t follow me back” So Ji-sub, who recently started using Instagram, followed only one person

So Ji-sub expressed his affection for actor Song Seung-heon.

Two lead actors of the movie “ConfessionSo Ji-sub and Kim Yoon-jin appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time”, which aired on October 24th.

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During the broadcast, a radio listener asked So Ji-sub, “You recently started using Instagram. Is there any special reason why you follow only Song Seung-heon?”.

So Ji-sub said, “It hasn’t been long since I started using Instagram”, adding “I made my debut together with him, and he’s a very precious person to me”, showing off their special friendship. He added, “I think I won’t follow him (Song Seung-heon) from now on”, drawing attention.

In fact, So Ji-sub’s Instagram account only follows Song Seung-heon and his agency 51K’s official account.

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So Ji-sub also drew laughter by revealing he’s in an “one-sided love” with Song Seung-heon. He said, “(Song Seung-heon) hyung is not following me back.” 

On the other hand, So Ji-sub’s next movie “Confession”, which will be released on October 26th, tells the story of a promising businessman, Yoo Min-ho, who is pointed out as the sole suspect in the secret room murder case, and Yang Shin-ae, a lawyer with a 100% winning rate who tries to prove his innocence, as they put together the pieces of a hidden case.

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