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Song Ji Hyo bids farewell to an important member of the “Running Man” crew in new Instagram post 

“Running Man” fans are saddened by the unexpected news. 

On August 1st, Song Ji Hyo shared a new post on her Instagram. She said in the caption, “Our beloved Bo Pil! Thank you for running with us all this time, you worked hard.”

Song Ji Hyo shared several photos of a banner hung at the filming location of “Running Man”. The banner reads, “Running Man greatest star PD, Choi Bo Pil out!” 

According to an exclusive report by Top Star News, PD Choi Bo Pil is stepping down from the main producer position of SBS’s variety show “Running Man”. 

An official from SBS told Top Star News on August 1st, “The production crew of (Running Man) has worked on the show for a long time, so we are internally thinking about whether to reorganize it. Not only PD Choi Bo Pil but also other members of the production crew have been doing this for almost three to four years after PD Jung Chul Min left,” explaining PD Choi Bo Pil’s departure. 

PD Choi Bo Pil, who was born in 1989, has been the main producer of “Running Man” since March 2020 following PD Jung Chul Min. He is loved by “Running Man” viewers for making the show more interesting after he took over. When the news of PD Choi Bo Bil leaving “Running Man” spread, fans expressed their sadness. 

Source: wikitree

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