Lee Jin-ho: “It’s hard to see Irene as someone who abuses her power, more good stories than bad ones about her”

Entertainment YouTuber Lee Jin-ho talked about the power abuse controversy of Irene, a member of Red Velvet.

On August 1st, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded on his YouTube channel a video titled “The video at Bali Airport has been released. Unexpected Behavior of an SM girl group member”.

With the reality entertainment program “Irene’s Work and Holiday,” in which Irene, a member of Red Velvet, will travel to Bali with staff members who are close to her, released on August 4th, a photo posted on the online community is drawing much attention.

In the photo, Irene is wearing only one bag on her shoulder, while the staff is pushing a carrier full of luggage. In the past, Irene was embroiled in controversy over abusing her power on her staff. This particular photo has reignited the controversy over her power trip.

In response, Lee Jin-ho said, “It is impossible to judge with just one picture. So I looked up all the photos and videos taken at the Bali airport. In conclusion, it is difficult to say that Irene is abusing her power,” he said adding, “There were even many actions that can be considered good stories about her.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “Irene was seen signing for local fans one by one,” adding, “Even though the manager stopped her, she received the fan’s note and signed on it carefully.”

He continued, “Right after arriving at the airport, they started filming the reality show. It was difficult for Irene to move the carrier herself because she was in the process of filming,” he explained “In Korea, most celebrities leave the airport entrance with simple luggage and clothing in case there could be photo time or fans flock to the airport. If they carry their bulky carrier directly, it will increase the possibility of an accident if they are blocked by a crowd of fans,” he added.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Irene’s filming in Bali received a lot of attention in the local area. Even after arriving in Bali, Irene’s every move was captured by local fans’ cameras. According to the photos and videos taken by her fans, Irene was carrying her own bag from throughout her time there, and she also went shopping while pushing a cart herself at the mart.

Lee Jin-ho then added, “I’m not defending Irene. Even during the power abuse crisis last year, I clearly pointed out the problem,” he said, “All the circumstances of this controversy are captured on the camera of the production team. When the reality show starts, it will inevitably be revealed that it was a misunderstanding.”

At the same time, Lee Jin-ho said, “After Irene’s power abuse controversy, the public’s view of her is not good. Perhaps because Irene is also conscious of this, she continues to emphasize how well she treats the staff.”

 “There is only a very few staff that can be a celebrity’s so-called close friend in the entertainment industry,” he said adding, “They have to interact more with people from outsourcing companies. Most of the victims of power abuse cases are people from these outsourcing companies. They can’t even speak up even if they are bullied.”

Lastly, Lee Jin-ho said, “Irene should show a different side of her throughout a long period, and not just once or twice like some kind of event on shows like this.”

Source: daum

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