YG is continuously putting BLACKPINK in “uneven line distribution” situations

Many fans are getting enraged at the skewed line distribution of BLACKPINK

Currently, BLACKPINK is one of the top girl groups in Korea, continously breaking their own records. However, in the newly released tracks, fans are noticing that BLACKPINK is having an issue of uneven line distribution. 

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Recently, on July 29th, BLACKPINK officially released their single “Ready For Love”. Owing to their long hiatus, fans are eager for their new graphic music video, despite it starring AIs modeled on BLACKPINK members. 

However, the issue with line distribution among members is still a heated debate within the fandom. The main vocalist of the group, Rosé naturally deserves a larger chunk of lines to flex her vocals. However, Jennie, despite being the group’s main rapper, only received a pinch of lines, lacking grounds to flex her talent. 


The majority of rap parts, instead, are performed by Lisa, the main dancer in the group. In addition, despite receiving the least lines, Jisoo was also attacked by many, who believed that her parts are “overshadowingJennie

Unfortunately, this is not a major discovery. Fans have noticed that Jennie did not rap in both of BLACKPINK’s previous releases, namely “Ice Cream” and “How You Like That”. Despite being nicknamed “YG’s Princess”, Jennie seems to be mistreated and have her talent neglected. 

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Prior to this event, YG has stirred up controversies countless times for the same issue. In almost every song of the group, Jennie and Rosé almost always come in last in terms of line distribution. Meanwhile, in their song “Stay”, Lisa’s lines only accounted for 11.8% of the song, completely displeasing fans. 

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On the contrary, “As If It’s Your Last” showed Lisa taking up 32.3% of the lines, while Jisoo’s parts only made up 15% of the song’s duration. This uneven line distribution strategy of YG just never fails to puzzle BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK). 

This issue has long upset fans for the extreme unfairness their idols are facing. Perhaps it is time YG reconsidered and balanced the grounds for all four members to properly showcase their vocals and play their specific roles.  

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