Netizens are pissed at Jennie’s lack of rap in BLACKPINK’s new MV, “This is discrimination”

BLACKPINK finally dropped an MV after a long hiatus. However, fans of Jennie are angry instead of excited. 

Despite being a CGI MV, BLACKPINK’s new collaboration song with PUBG Mobile, “Ready For Love”, was highly anticipated. However, after the release of the song, fans expressed anger over an alleged discrimination rather than enthusiasm. 

BLACKPINK released the CGI MV “Ready For Love” ahead of their upcoming comeback
However, BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) are arguing about the song’s line distribution

In their new MV “Ready For Love”, which was released on July 29th, BLACKPINK appeared in the form of AI characters, but still sang with their real voice. Therefore, the collaboration with PUBG Mobile is still considered a pre-release ahead of the group’s comeback. 

Fans had high anticipations for the release of “Ready For Love”

However, immediately after release, fans of BLACKPINK started to argue about the song’s line distribution. According to them, it’s not surprising to see Rosé’s long singing time since she is the main vocal, but Jennie had little to no rap lines despite being the main rapper. 

Meanwhile, Lisa got the most rap parts despite being the group’s main dancer. Her line distribution, however, ranked last among BLACKPINK members. 

blackpink ready for love line distribution
The line distribution of BLACKPINK’s new song became a controversial topic among fans. 

Various netizens started to express that as Jennie is the group’s main rapper, she should be in charge of the rap parts. Some only fans of Jennie even started to attack Lisa over this, claiming that Lisa “stole” Jennie’s line. Meanwhile, fans of Lisa also feel angered about Lisa having the least part in the song. 

blackpink jennie ready for love
Fans believe that Jennie should get to rapper more as she is the main rapper of BLACKPINK
netizen blackpink
Lisa got attacked as she got a lot of rap parts 

Overall though, most criticisms were directed to YG, with netizens stating that the company should have been considerate when assigning singing parts. Instead of making a mess out the line distribution, YG should have just let the members do their respective part, said fans. 

blackpink lisa ready for love
Fans are also angered that Lisa was criticized for something she got no control over 

Alongside the line distribution, the appearance of BLACKPINK’s 3D models also caused controversies. To most fans, the image looks rather ridiculous and even similar to the members. Some even went as far as to compare the CGI BLACKPINK to the ae counterparts of aespa.

blackpink jisoo ready for love
The AI version of Jisoo is said to completely flunked her visuals
blackpink jennie ready for love
Meanwhile, Jennie’s AI version was compared to aespa Ningning and Karina
blackpink rose ready for love
Rosé seemed to have the most luck, as her CGI is considered the most well-done
blackpink lisa ready for love
Lisa’s 3D model doesn’t resemble the female idol
blackpink ready for love
Controversies aside, though, BLACKPINK’s new MV still entered the top trending for YouTube Music worldwide 
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