What if her hair is ruined and wrinkles appear, top star Lee Hyo-ri is still a top star

Lee Hyo-ri is definitely Lee Hyo-ri, seeing that the public’s interest in Lee Hyo-ri doesn’t stop.

On July 30th, there was a heated debate online over Lee Hyo-ri’s appearance. On one side, they talk about how Lee Hyo-ri covers the ruined wolf cut with her visual, and on the other side, they talk about how Lee Hyo-ri already has traces of wrinkles and blemishes, drawing attention. It is bizarre how these two extremely different articles appear on the same day.

lee hyo ri hair

Lee Hyo-ri was born in 1979 and is 44 years old this year. That is not a young age, but it’s not old age as well. In addition, Lee Hyo-ri debuted as a member of the girl group Fin.K.L. in 1998, which means she is a 25-year veteran artist.

She started as a singer, but there were times when she challenged acting, and there were times when she focused on entertainment. In recent years, instead of releasing songs, she has been steadily appearing in entertainment programs and building a public-friendly character.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri settled in Jeju Island after marrying Lee Sang-soon in 2013, reducing the number of appearances on TV. There may be some personal history, but viewers cheered at her decision. Instead of being constantly exposed to the media and its consumers, Lee Hyo-ri even gained a mysterious image at some point.

Lee Hyo-ri has always received attention as the former leader of a national girl group, the best sexy female solo, her marriage after many dating experiences, and her courage to actively speak out on social issues.

Lee Hyori

In this way, Lee Hyo-ri is maintaining her place as a star who is loved by even the recent generation. Lee Hyo-ri is still considered a trendsetter, although she is already considered a middle-aged star due to her age and experience in the industry. Even if she is not as fancy as before, her modest appearance and simple items are also leading the trend.

Even if it was a ruined wolf cut, Lee Hyo-ri still rocked it, and even made it a trend. Lee Hyo-ri does not hide her wrinkles and blemishes, building her image as an older sister in her 40s with high self-esteem.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri showed her wit in an entertainment program in the past with an impromptu rap of “My name is Lee Hyo-ri, reading backward is still Lee Hyo-ri.” Looking back at that, indeed, she is still Lee Hyo-ri even if her hair is ruined, and still Lee Hyo-ri even when she has aged.

Given that rave reviews and jealousy toward Lee Hyo-ri still remain, her star validity is definitely extended.

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